Relaxation Guaranteed at the Heart of the Grand Hotel Stockholm Nordic Spa

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

After wandering around Stockholm for several days, nothing beats an afternoon of relaxation! It was in the heart of the city's most beautiful hotel that I spent a few hours taking care of myself, a real breath of fresh air that does the most good! Report!

Opened in 1874, the Grand Hotel Stockholm remains in 2021 the city's most luxurious establishment. The recently opened 5-star hotels have in no way challenged its title as the city's most beautiful hotel. It has 273 grand-standing rooms and suites, high-end restaurants and bars, but it is for its magnificent spa that I crossed its doors on this rainy July afternoon.

A bubble of well-being to break away from the capital's agitation

The capricious weather of the day was a perfect opportunity to find refuge within the Nordic Spa for an afternoon focused on relaxation and rest. After putting my things away in the locker rooms (which are well-equipped with amenities), I discovered the luxurious facilities: one area is reserved for women, another for men, and a third mixed area which is more spacious.

And as far as facilities go, the 5-star establishment has really gone all out: a heated pool, a hot tub, several saunas and steam rooms, a cold bath, experience showers, and many relaxation areas. Plenty to keep one busy for a few hours! Between swims, I took advantage of the Quiet Room, which is a real haven of peace where one can lounge while reading magazines or books left at your disposal.

A chic and natural universe

With its large natural spaces, Sweden offers magnificent virgin landscapes! It was with a certain inevitability that the Nordic Spa drew inspiration from its proximity to the sea and the nature close by. Natural materials are honored such as Grythyttan granite or Gotland stones. The result is chic without being opulent, a subtle Swedish luxury for this universe of serenity!

A Wide Range of Treatments

In terms of treatments, there's a wealth of choice: massages, facial treatments, as well as more specialized treatments such as reflexology or acupuncture with varying durations (60/75/90 minutes). Although the Swedish massage is a must-try, I opted for the Harmony massage, which is gentler and perfectly suited to help me relax. After enjoying the facilities, I headed to the treatment room with my therapist to enjoy an hour of relaxation. I can say that the promise was kept, as I left feeling perfectly peaceful!

The Grand Hotel has set the bar very high with its top-notch spa. The style is chic without being flashy, but it's mostly the variety of the facilities that won me over. The quality of the massage was also up to par, it's really the perfect spot for a relaxing time in Stockholm!

What I liked:

  • Spacious and complete facilities
  • Heated pool at the right temperature (which is not often the case and deserves to be highlighted!)
  • High-quality treatments

What I regretted:

  • Slight lack of maintenance, there are things lying around here and there
  • Although there were some fruits, water, and tea available, I would have appreciated some dried fruits as is common in many spas.

Practical Information

  • More comprehensive offers are available, such as the spa + breakfast or the Luxury Nordic Spa
  • For couples, spa suites with massage tables, bathtubs, and saunas are perfectly suitable
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