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Welcome to Experiences Luxe ! Boost awareness for your brand or establishment by collaborating with my blog !

Collaboration with the Château Eza, a five-star establishment in the French Riviera, May 2018

Why choose my travel blog ?

I’m passionate about travel and upscale experiences, and began traveling intensively in 2009, dedicating nearly half of each year to my voyages. After 7 years of treks across France and the globe, I wanted to share my experiences and favorite finds with my family, friends, and more generally, with the online community. Whether it be deep in the Japanese countryside or right in the center of a cosmopolitan city like Paris, Experiences Luxe has become a compilation of recommendations for fantastic places to eat, sleep, shop, and have a good time !

What kinds of blog articles ?

The main subjects of my blog articles are :

  • Reviews of upscale hotels in France and throughout the world

ex : La Réserve Ramatuelle : a Must-See on the French Riviera

  • Gastronomy reviews: restaurants, tearooms, bars

ex : My Lunch at L’Osier : A 2-Star French Restaurant in Tokyo

  • Spa center reviews

ex : Villa Loiseau des Sens : Relaxation and Gourmet Cuisine in Burgundy

  • Airline reviews

ex : La Compagnie : Luxury at a Reasonable Price “in the Air”

  • Lifestyle reviews: luxury car rental, travel-related products, atypical experiences, events…

ex : Dubai : My VIP Experience at the Burj Khalifa and My Day of Driving Luxury Cars in Vancouver

What will you get out of a sponsorship ? 

In today’s world, a collaboration with a blogger is unquestionably an asset! More and more future travelers organize their trips using the internet, either for inspiration or to validate their travel decisions (for example, for choosing a destination or for researching the quality of accommodation).

Using my blog, I offer an authentic opinion about an experience with an aim to promote a place or an activity, as I would recommend it to a friend. If you’re looking to raise awareness about your hotel, restaurant, or vacation destination, a collaboration with my blog will increase your visibility with a readership that is passionate about upscale travel and always looking for new recommendations!

Moreover, an English-language version of the Experiences Luxe blog is online, which considerably boost the site’s visibility !

How can we work together ?

Because each collaboration is different, we’ll discuss your expectations and build our own unique sponsorship agreement together.

Since mid-April 2017, I have begun a full-time nomadic lifestyle, traveling the globe! I know the start date for my journey but not the end date, and my schedule is undefined; I will go where the wind takes me. So I’m on the lookout for new activities and experiences anywhere and everywhere in the world! If you think your brand might be of interest, feel free to contact me by email at the following address: florence (@) .

Experiences Luxe on social media !

My blog is also present on social media! All of my articles are posted to Facebook and Twitter, my best photos are shared on Instagram, and behind-the-scene stories from my travels are visible on Snapchat and InstaStories.


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