Experiences Luxe Vision

Experiences Luxe (EL) is a website created in 2015 by Florence CONSUL about luxury travel. During 6 years, she visited more than 40 countries and she collaborated with top luxurious travel brands to stay in their luxurious hotels, to discovered fine dining and experienced many activities. She offered visibility with her articles on Experiences Luxe but also in other publications like Forbes France where she was contributor for 3 years.

In 2021 as the Covid pendemic started, she stopped traveling for a while and started to think about interesting ways to merge her passion for high end experiences with her husband passion for crypto currencies that he has been studing since early 2016 after two decades of online marketing.

The Influencer in 2023

Instagram has over 1.3 billion users worldwide, a number expected to increase in the coming years. Influencers play a significant role in the industry, and brands from all sectors collaborate with them to gain visibility among their target audience and attract more customers.

However, the competition among influencers is becoming increasingly fierce. Their reach is decreasing, and they must continuously maintain the interest of their audience with a lot of creativity while keeping up with collaborations with brands. Brands invite influencers to try their products by giving them physical items or inviting them to their hotels, restaurants, and other venues in exchange for visibility on Instagram.

Influencers are always looking for engagement from their community, whether that be through likes or comments on Instagram. However, for the average person who follows dozens of influencers, there is little incentive to engage. Imagine if the average person could gain something by interacting with an influencer. For example, they could collect memories related to different experiences that the influencer wants to promote. They could even earn gifts if they complete a set of memories.

The Exemple of Experiences Luxe

Let me take the exemple of Experiences Luxe, an influencer who recently spent a luxurious week in Dubai, collaborating with seven different hotels, restaurants, and activities. She will create a map of Dubai (an adventure), placing the seven memories of her experiences. When someone collects all seven memories, she will offer them a gift. For brands, it's a first step into the Web 3 industry without much effort, and they will be interested in having the audience associate their brand with their memories. This results in a huge gain in notoriety.

Experiences Luxe : Influencer Zero

There are thousands of influencers like Florence (aka Experiences Luxe) around the world, ranging from smaller influencers with around 10,000 followers to big names like Kim Kardashian (350 millions of followers). All of them would love to transition to web3 technology once an easy-to-use and affordable solution that fits their needs emerges. So, let's imagine that Experiences Luxe is the influencer zero, the one who builds the technology and leads the way for all the others to join and share their memories. It's the same thing if you're a makeup influencer, a cooking influencer, or even a crypto influencer.


NFTs are cool, but the main issue is that they are very expensive to create and not suitable for mass adoption in industries that require more affordable solutions. We are not talking about artwork that is inherently expensive, but rather something that can be used in everyday life. That's why we have created a new technology called KUMA, which is less expensive than NFTs. With KUMA, we can store memories on the blockchain and offer a nice user experience for common users at a fraction of the cost.


We chose to work with EOS EVM for the launch of Web3 by Experiences Luxe. We think that this blockchain combines all the aspects we need for this project to succeed.

On-Chain vs. Off-Chain

Parts of EL that are On-Chain:

  • Ownership of all memories (there is no off-chains memories)
  • Owners' levels and points, which are increased by the contract upon specific actions
  • Actions to convert memories into rewards and gift cards

Parts of EL that are Off-Chain:

  • Drops, as they are related to social network interactions
  • Redemption of a gift card for its physical counterpart, for obvious reasons