Understated Elegance at the Park Hyatt Tokyo

The Tokyo Suite

A hotel made legendary by the film “Lost in Translation,” the Park Hyatt is a hot spot in the heart of downtown Tokyo. It occupies the top fourteen floors of an ultra-modern building, and offers its guests a 360° view of the Japanese capital and the snow-capped Mount Fuji. It’s definitively one of Tokyo’s most fabulous hotels!

An Exceptional Location in the Heart of Tokyo

The Hyatt group set its establishment up in Shinjuku, the epicenter of business and nightlife in Tokyo. Here you can find the world’s busiest railway station, making it ideal for moving around the city and the surrounding area. When I arrive, I’m greeted by three immense towers, and once through the doors I head straight for the lobby on the 41st floor.

L'hôtel est situé dans des buildings modernes qui dominent la ville

This hotel has a few surprises in store: the indications are subtle, the works of art are omnipresent, and the hotel’s discretion can be counted upon. Here you’re offered a timeless experience, a “high-altitude” encounter, with a welcome worthy of the world’s very best establishments. There’s a subdued atmosphere, and the Park Hyatt owes its attractive mix of elegance and sobriety to the American interior designer John Morford.


Spacious and Luxurious Rooms

Reception takes place directly in one of the 177 rooms and 23 suites from which you can choose for your stay. The interior design is simple and soothing, depending heavily on high-quality natural materials like Hokkaido wood paneling. The rooms present a breathtaking view of the city, and for some guests, of Mount Fuji in the distance. 

Copie de Tokyo Suite (20)

The living room in the Tokyo Suite with an amazing view on the capital

Diplomat Suite (10)

The Diplomate Suite 

Diplomat Suite (18)

A bathroom with a view on Tokyo : it’s possible with the Diplomat Suite !

The proposed amenities are worthy of top-notch hotels, but the greatest advantage is the size: even standard rooms here offer space that’s difficult to match in the Japanese capital. The small number of rooms means that they can be customized for each guest. The personnel is flawless and used to welcoming VIPs; Johnny Depp even spent a night in the Presidential Suite recently, and that’s saying something!

Spotlight on Gastronomy

In terms of gastronomy, there’s an abundance of choice: five restaurants, two bars, and a pastry shop will delight even the most demanding customers. You can find the French restaurant “Girandole,” the Japanese restaurant “Kozue,” and the famous New York Grill: perched on the 52nd floor, this restaurant offers an entirely black and chrome ambiance, with a huge open kitchen and, of course, an unequaled view of the city. On the menu are grilled meats (with delicious dishes like the famous Kobe beef) and fish, all accompanied (should you so wish) by Californian and Japanese wines.


The French brasserie “Le Girandole” 

Kozue_evening view

The “Kozue”, japanese restaurant


The New York Grill

For a gourmet break during the day, I’d recommend the Peak Lounge on the 41st floor, which presents an excellent afternoon tea in a grandiose environment. A bamboo garden stands in the center of the room, offering an atmosphere of serenity and relaxation.


The Peak Lounge located on the 41th floor

A Bar in an Improbable Setting

I end my day at the New York Bar, the location where Bill Murray enjoys his whisky in the Sofia Coppola film. The tone is set when you step out of the elevator. I’m very surprised by the dim lighting and the soft ambiance, and when I enter the bar I understand why it’s so popular: the view of Tokyo by night is even more intoxicating, making you feel like you tower over the city.


Breathtaking view, delicious cocktails and jazzy music, this is the plan in the New York Bar

In addition, a few jazzy notes float through the air, and you can enjoy the best cocktails in Tokyo. Try for example the LIT (for Lost in Translation), a mix of sake, cherry blossom liqueur, and peach and cranberry flavors. For whisky lovers, you’ll find some of the best in the world here, whether Japanese or Scottish. And there are live jazz concerts every night, starting at 8 p.m.! The height of class!



The Tuxedo Club : Remy Martin V.O.S.P, limon, sugar, Abbott’s bitters


The Bellini, champagne and peach

A Haven of Wellness on the 47th Floor

In order to be in top shape after visiting Tokyo’s best tourist attractions, the ideal remedy is to go straight to the spa. A spacious pool 20 meters long (65 ft) takes center stage, with two fitness rooms on either side. The view is so captivating that I’m sure most guests who run on the treadmills come for the scenery as much as they do for the exercise, especially during sunrise and sunset! For guests suffering from fatigue, a lavish massage in one of the treatment rooms will help you forget all about jet lag!

Club On The Park - Pool Landscape

The spa “Club on the park” with its swimming pool on the 47th floor

The Park Hyatt is a destination in and of itself, a veritable luxury experience in the center of one of the most beautiful and surprising cities in the world. It’s difficult to find any fault with this establishment, the perfect place to set down your suitcase for a few days and explore Japan’s capital.

Practical information

  • Airlines : Airfrance, ANA or JAL which often offer promotions.
  • Reserve your room with Booking.
  • Rooms from 800€ (in November 2015)

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