The Saut Hermès, As If You Were There

The 2015 Saut Hermès takes place in Paris on the 10th, 11th, and 12th of April, a famous equestrian demonstration right in the heart of the capital. The prestigious saddler Hermès has been organizing one of the most beautiful equestrian events in the world for several years now! I attended the 2014 show. Follow me for a visit!

It’s 9 a.m. on a Sunday morning in April when my friend and I are lined up in front of the Grand Palais. It’s chilly outside, but the blue sky will follow us throughout the day. I should mention that I’m passionate about horseback riding and show jumping in particular, so of course I had to go to this legendary event in central Paris!

Horses on the Champs

That’s right, it’s not a dream! This demonstration welcomes the best horse riders in the world into the heart of the capital. There are stalls set up along the Champs-Elysées; it’s a reproduction of a real-life stable, all for the comfort of these champions! As for the track, it’s located in the huge, window-covered hall of the Grand Palais, where the lighting is extraordinary!

1.30 pm: In the Saddle with Bartabas

Before the Grand Prix, we’re able to attend an equestrian show choreographed by the famous Bartabas. In Metamorphosis, he brings the horses of Xi’an and the archers of the first Qin emperor to life, to the audience’s great delight. It’s a welcome distraction between two sports contests!

2 pm: Time for the Grand Prix

It’s 2 p.m., time for us to take our seats and watch the 5-Star Grand Prix, the flagship event of the weekend. The obstacles are nearly 1.6 m (5’3”) high, and the small track with its shadows will make the task difficult for the international jumping elite!

Here’s a presentation video of the event, made by the brand:

The hall is bathed in light (thanks in part to the radiant sun) and the show is magical! I’ve been to a number of jumping grands prix but I have to say that this place is simply magnificent! As wintertime events take place inside, most indoor contests occur in exhibition centers, meaning that they don’t have the same charm!

Philippe Rozier, one of the best riders in the world

And Hermès?

Hermès is a famous French luxury brand, well-known throughout the world! Who’s never dreamed of owning a coveted Birkin bag or a timeless Hermès silk scarf? Off of the jumping track, the Hermès booths are overrun: saddlers in action show us how they make their products, talented salespeople help us try out different saddles on wooden horses, and of course a number of other products from the brand are available: silk scarves, handbags, jewelry…

My impression of the day is very positive: Hermès knows just how to combine luxury and horseback riding through this sporty weekend! It was truly wonderful to be able to attend this event! My friend and I both have grins on our faces as we head back to our Parisian hotel for some well-deserved rest!

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