The new large suites at the Sources de Caudalie

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will obviously know that I am a real advocate of luxury hotels, spas and good restaurants ! There is a place (that I will share with you, dear readers!!) which perfectly fulfills this requirement  ! So, allow me to guide you in the discovery of this magical place which is situated on Bordeaux’s doorstep  !


Going to the Sources de Caudalie has become a bit of a habit for me ! It’s often around January or February that I feel the need to pamper myself for a few days, and what better place to do so than in this luxury establishment  ! On this blog, two years ago, I not only told you about my getaway to the Sources de Caudalie but also about my moment of pure happiness at their spa.


The view on the chateau Smith Haut Lafitte in this winter morning

This year I went back for an update  !! You may know about it, but this 5-star hotel expanded in June 2014 and now offers 12 new large suites  ! It was therefore absolutely essential for me to go and stay there to tell you all about it !

I am not going to explain to you the details of this luxury hotel, for that you would have to read my previous post: I am going to concentrate on the new aspects, and in particular the “Fishing Village” in which the 12 large suites are based. “The cannon”, “ The peak” or even “Vineyard Harbor ”, the names of the accommodation already promise a unique and original theme.

The new suites  : a true ode to the oyster huts

village des pecheurs

The “Fishing Village”

parties communes

I am going to spend the night in the “To the Starboard”, a splendid 55 m2 cocoon opening out onto a 10 m2 terrace with a view of the vineyards. The decor is inspired by the oyster huts of Arcachon Bay by recreating a buco-chic decor which is in some ways this new extension’s signature. Floral wallpaper and white panelling gives it a 100% seaside look and the theme is completely different to the other rooms and suites in the main building.


The living room in my suite “A babord”


A king size bed of course !

salle de bain

The bathroom


A lot of Caudalie amenities as usual

Outside, the terrace has 2 deckchairs which give you a magnificent view of the vineyards in the area and speak of many wonderful moments when the weather is warmer. I can’t spot any fault in the decor which is absolutely contemporary and a real success!

pause thé

Tea break in the vineyards

Where Art Meets Relaxation

In terms of new experiences, I also want to tell you about the indoor pool, just a short distance from the “Village des Pêcheurs.” Don’t think for an instant that it’s an ordinary pool, oh no! This is a veritable work of art! Artist Mathilde de l’Ecotais placed an enlarged photo at the bottom of it, so you’re truly swimming in art. I’ll let you be the judge with these photos!


The new indoor swimming pool

A Greeting According to the Highest Standards

But the atmosphere is what I really love about this place: “palace treatment combined with the warmth of a family home.” It’s truly the theme of this charming hotel, which knows exactly how to put us at ease and offer top-notch service. The cuisine is always delicious in the bistro La Table du Lavoir, and the breakfast is fantastic!


It’s time for a drink with the white wine of the Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte !

petit dej

A delicious breakfast !


Spa time …

I couldn’t recommend more that you explore this heavenly location for yourself! It’s perfect for mid-winter if you want to recharge your batteries, either for a brief couple’s vacation or even a family trip. The Sources de Caudalie is more than a hotel—it’s a destination in and of itself! One thing is certain: I’m already impatient to return for a few nights next year!

Practical Information

  • Starting price for a night in a large suite: 666 €
  • A number of offers are available on their website, so don’t forget to check them out!

Thank you to the hotel team for their welcome and the upgrade, which allowed me to enjoy these new experiences.

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