The Cinema in Bangkok: an Unmissable Experience!

Who’s never dreamed of being seated just as comfortably at a movie theater as at home? Who’s never regretted forgetting to bring a sweater when it gets cold over the course of a 90-minute film? Moreover, who’s never gotten hungry or thirsty at the cinema, having to wait for the film’s end to eat? It turns out there’s a solution to all of these problems at this Bangkok movie theater!

A Luxury Version of the Cinema

The Siam Paragon is a rather upscale shopping center situated in the heart of Bangkok. I head up to the 5th floor, where the cinema is located. While buying my tickets, I’m met with a surprise: 20 € for a screening! (Strange, considering that in Thailand, prices are generally much lower than in Europe.) Astonished at the cost, I steer myself toward the theater, where I realize that this place is nothing like a typical French cinema. I discover great big lounges where you can comfortably relax before the film begins and enjoy a light snack, as well as impressive hallways embellished with a thick burgundy carpet, lending a touch of luxury to the scene.

Welcome to the Central Embassy Cineplex !

The lounge and its snacks

A little snack before the movie

As I walk into the theater, I’m taken aback: there are pairs of magnificent leather armchairs placed around the room, with a total of only forty seats in such a large space. I head to my numbered seat, which I’ve chosen during the purchase, meaning that there’s no need to rush to the theater to avoid sitting in the front row!

For a similar cinematic experience, you can also check out the Central Embassy, another very luxurious shopping center. On the top floor, you can take in a film in a comparably high-class movie theater.

Enjoy a Film More Comfortably at the Cinema Than at Home!

I settle cozily into my armchair, which can also be lowered into a lying position, I adjust the cushion behind my back, and I throw the provided blanket over myself to keep warm. Then there’s the icing on the cake—during the trailers, servers come by to offer us drinks and snacks (including Starbucks coffee, Haagen Dazs ice cream, popcorn, tea, juice…), all of it included in the ticket price! The height of luxury!

A movie theater with cosy armchairs …

Or with big couchs !

In all honesty, I enjoyed myself throughout the film’s two and a half hours; it’s wonderful to be so pampered at the cinema! Truly an enjoyable and relaxing experience! I wouldn’t have thought that this kind of movie theater could exist! In Bangkok, going to the movies is something new entirely, not like in Paris where you arrive late after having to dash through the subway. I get the impression that this kind of cinema is meant for a perfect date, a lovely evening out for two!

(Updated in April 2017)

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