The Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris: Bringing Asia to the French Capital

(© Buddha-Bar Hotel)

During my fabulous Parisian summer, I stayed in the Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris, in the heart of the 1st arrondissement. This boutique luxury hotel with its 56 rooms and suites is as original as can be; it offers the charm of a magnificent 18th-century mansion combined with superb Asia-inspired interior design. Come discover this original five-star hotel with me!

To begin with, the location is incredible! Nestled in the heart of the very upscale 1st arrondissement in Paris, only a stone’s throw away from the Madeleine and the fashion boutiques of Rue Saint-Honoré, it’s the perfect spot to spend a few days exploring the capital. This is a part of Paris that I especially appreciate as there’s so much to do nearby, including shopping, museums, theaters, and more!

Setting the Tone upon Arrival 

As I entered this Parisian five-star establishment, I was immediately captivated; I particularly loved the period porch sheltering a flowering cherry tree, the symbol of Japan, alongside a cloud of 90 red paper lanterns, reminding me of China. In the lobby, the Asian influences continued with a dragon mosaic on the floor—a welcoming image that would accompany us throughout our stay, like a guardian. The Parisian charm of this early 18th century building, enhanced by Asian-style décor, is truly a feast for the eyes.

This 5-star hotel is sheltered inside a superb 18th-century building (© Buddha-Bar Hotel)
Guests are welcomed by a cloud of 90 red paper lanterns under a period porch, evoking Chinese influences (© Buddha-Bar Hotel)

Buddha-Bar: An Original Concept

The Buddha-Bar concept was developed over 20 years ago by Raymond Visan, a globetrotter whose travels inspired him in creating his establishments. I initially discovered the concept through the Buddha-Bar musical compilation albums, which I’ve enjoyed for years, but this was the first time that I explored one of the hotels.

After the Buddha-Bar Hotels in Prague and Budapest, Visan opened this 3rd establishment in 2013, uniting Parisian charm with Asian influences. This innovative hotel complements the selection of five-stars in Paris by offering its own unique vision of hospitality and is very different from establishments I’ve visited in the past, such as the Shangri-La Paris, the Saint-James, the Prince de Galles, and others.

The décor is the work of interior architect Francois Wapler, who created a comfortable space with an emphasis on travel. This 1930s Shanghai ambiance whisks guests away in a setting that is unique on the Parisian scene, a “journey within a journey” as suggested by Raymond Visan’s motto.

An Intimate Cocoon with Only 56 Rooms

With 56 rooms including 19 suites, this boutique hotel combines luxury perfection with the privacy and personalized approach of a small establishment. I chose a Deluxe room, an excellent option for a short one-night stay. With its 32 m², it features a calm, peaceful space with a subdued atmosphere. Asia-inspired elements include dark oak floors, suspended silks, red accents here and there, and a print of the celebrated dragon on the bathroom mirror.

My Deluxe Room
With a subdued, softened atmosphere
A bathroom with clear Asian influences
And the ubiquitous dragon, a common theme throughout our stay

In the heart of the hotel, guests can find a lovely inner courtyard, the perfect place to relax at any time of day. You can sit there and enjoy breakfast, lunch, tea time, and dinner, sheltered under red parasols. 

The central courtyard is a gorgeous, pleasant space at any time of day (© Buddha-Bar Hotel)
It’s also the place to go for breakfast

A Culinary Journey

The restaurant Le Vraymonde places an emphasis on pan-Asian cuisine, brilliantly combining French and Asian flavors. Guests can sit in one of five salons in a row to take in an ambiance evocative of imperial China or opt to sit in the courtyard during the summer months. On Sunday, tourists and Parisians alike convene for the famous brunch, taking advantage of the delicious dishes on offer.

Le Vraymonde with its ambiance evocative of imperial China
The cuisine brilliantly combines French and Asian flavors (© Buddha-Bar Hotel)

When it comes to drinks, the Qu4tre is the ideal spot to take in a cocktail as invented by chef/bartender Wenceslas Garnier. The black lacquered ceiling, velvet armchairs, cherry blossoms, and Chinese lacquer display the neo-Asian influences that continue to be a common thread throughout the hotel. At the bar, you can enjoy a never-before-seen cocktail based on the theme of the four elements, all in a trendy, subdued atmosphere.

Black lacquered ceiling, velvet armchairs, cherry blossoms, and Chinese lacquer (© Buddha-Bar Hotel)
The Qu4tre is the ideal spot to take in a cocktail (© Buddha-Bar Hotel)

Not to Mention the Wellness Center!

This hotel wouldn’t be complete without a wellness center. To reach seventh heaven, guests can head to one of two treatment rooms and give themselves over to the hands of the therapist. This moment of relaxation is accompanied by products from the brand B/Attitude, specially created by Tarja Visan, cofounder of the Buddha Bar concept.

The wellness center includes two treatment rooms (© Buddha-Bar Hotel)

The Verdict

The Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris is one of a new generation of 5-star hotels: trendy, fashionable, and innovative, while still respecting luxury hospitality standards. The Asian influences found throughout the hotel from beginning to end are beautifully executed and accented for a refined, chic result. To top it all off, the fantastic location makes this the ideal luxury hotel for visiting Paris.

I loved:

  • The décor takes you on a journey through Asia using high-quality, chic materials
  • The charm of a small structure with only a handful of rooms and suites
  • Ideal location in the heart of the 1st arrondissement; a chic neighborhood, perfect for visiting the capital city

I disliked:

  • Personnel were a little uneven and not up to 5-star standards

Practical information:

  • More information available on their website
  • Deluxe Room starting at 654 € in August 2018

Thank you to the Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris for the invitation to explore their establishmentOf course, the content of this blogpost was left entirely up to me!

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