The Andaman: Rest and Relaxation in Malaysia

An exotic hotel that’s beautifully integrated into a 10-million-year-old tropical forest, The Andaman was the perfect place to spend two nights, offering a combination of resort-style luxury and local experiences. I should mention that the location is just magical: the hotel is situated along one of the most gorgeous beaches on Langkawi, and when you add to that its excellent restaurants and other facilities, it’s paradise! More on my dreamy three-day visit below!

The hotel is perfectly integrated into a 10-million-year-old tropical forest (© The Andaman)

Langkawi: An Authentic Island

Unlike its Thai neighbors, the island of Lankawi has so far been preserved from mass tourism, which changes the experience completely! The Andaman is found on this island, located along Datai Bay beach, voted the 9th most beautiful beach in the world by National Geographic (and worth the visit just for that!). A member of the Luxury Collection Group, a selection of hotels that offer authentic and unique experiences, this idyllic luxury establishment is situated alongside the sea and perfectly integrated into the tropical jungle, which dates back to over ten million years ago.

Nature is omnipresent at this resort!

Cut Off from the Outside World

We’ll never forget our arrival at the hotel: we discovered a majestic lobby, echoing a Malaysian palace and covered in wood accents, which opened onto the surrounding beach. We left the stress of our daily lives at the door and felt immediately swept up in the hotel’s magic. It would be easy to spend a few days or even a week in this gentle atmosphere, as this five-star establishment offers plenty of facilities, activities, and restaurants so that guests can’t get bored for one second!

The lobby is simply majestic (© The Andaman)

Rooms and Suites with Exotic Charm

The 178 rooms, divided into Deluxe, Luxury, and Suite categories, feature a contemporary Malaysian style with dark wood accents contrasting with bright, immaculate walls. We stayed in one of the resort’s most prestigious offerings, the Executive Suite, with a pool just for us! This vast 86 m² space, with a partial view overlooking the nearby sea, continues onto a terrace with deckchairs and a private pool. In short, it was the perfect getaway for two nights!

Welcome to our Executive Suite!
It continues with a private pool. Total bliss!
The bathroom
The living room
A pool just for us!
The view from my suite, with the beach just next door!

The Place to Be for Lovers of Flora and Fauna

The untamed environment displays a variety of flora and fauna, which guests can explore through activities proposed by the hotel. In 2010, a new conservation project was launched to repair damages to the coral reef from the 2004 tsunami. To learn more, I discovered the secrets of marine biology in a lab, then continued my adventure at the “Coral Nursery” with a snorkeling session to observe a variety of coral, anemones, and even sea cucumbers.

The “Coral Nursery,” perfect for observing a coral reef

As for earth-bound fauna, morning and nighttime hikes are available: with the help of a specialist, guests can observe animals such as monkeys, squirrels (the largest in Southeast Asia), bats, and flying lemurs. Impressive for city-dwellers like us!

An Astonishing Beach

The top attraction for guests is of course the chance to go for a swim! And I have to confess something: I’m not really a big fan of just lazing about on a deckchair all day. That said, in this idyllic environment, I was thrilled to take a few hours to relax on the beach! It was pure bliss to enjoy the hotel’s private beach (as it was only accessible from The Andaman and the hotel next door) in a quiet, preserved natural setting. It was even possible to distance ourselves from other guests to find complete and total calm while drinking in the beauty of the bay. To top it all off, the water was the perfect temperature for a dip in the ocean!

The beach is semi-private as it’s only accessible from The Andaman and the neighboring hotel
You need only distance yourself a bit from the other guests for perfect serenity! A real luxury!
The pool is the perfect complement to the beach

V Botanical Spa: Original Treatments in an Open-Air Setting

As a spa connoisseur, I absolutely fell in love with the V Botanical Spa and immediately understood why it has received so many awards! Perched high above the hotel in the heart of the tropical forest, the spa features a series of open-air treatment rooms which display an unusual style and an extraordinary view. It was pure happiness to be pampered while listening to the waves below and feeling the warm air on my skin!

The open-air treatment rooms are the spa’s best feature (© The Andaman)

The spa menu will make your head spin, offering plenty of unique treatments administered with 100% organic products. Tempted by its poetic name and promised results, I opted for the signature ritual, “V Song of the Malay Rainforest,” inspired by Malaysian culture in its use of medicinal plants and specific massage techniques.

Restaurants Along the Waterfront

Open only in the evening, Jala is the place to go for seafood lovers. For our first dinner here, we discovered a gorgeous open kitchen where chefs prepare the catch of the day, allowing diners to choose their own fresh fish, cooking method, and side dishes. I immediately took to their warm and friendly approach! The menu offers a selection of Asian and Western-style dishes, all in a marvelous seaside environment: we sat at a solid wood table with our feet in the sand and got to watch the sunset over the bay. In a word, it was perfect!

With our feet in the sand, we got to watch the sunset from the restaurant (© The Andaman)
The menu offers a selection of dishes that combine Asian and Western influences
It’s also wonderful for lovers of seafood

The next day, we had both lunch and dinner at the Tepian Laut. It offers international cuisine at midday and Malaysian food in the evening. Once again, the view of the sea left us breathless, and our experience was enhanced by the tasty dishes and incredibly professional service. The signature lamb entrée infused with spices and cooked in a wood fire was simply sublime, not to mention the fabulous desserts such as the Malaysian crepes with coconut and mango. All of the above was complemented by an excellent selection of wines.

The setting is just astonishing (© The Andaman)
At lunchtime, the restaurant offers international cuisine
We began our dinner with a few appetizers
Next up, the spiced lamb cooked over a wood fire – an absolute delight!
Not to mention the unbelievable desserts!
The sunset takes center stage, making for an incredible dining experience!

At any time of day, and especially in the morning for breakfast, The Restaurant serves international cuisine with a lovely view of the pool, while The Japanese Restaurant will delight lovers of Japanese cuisine.

The Verdict

Fans of beautiful beaches and five-star facilities will fall in love with this luxury resort in the heart of the tropical jungle. The Andaman is ideal for families, offering a great range of activities for them, as well as for couples looking for a calm atmosphere and excellent restaurants. With so much space, it’s easy to find peace and quiet! The highly decorated spa is the perfect complement to the hotel, and the resort offers guests plenty of opportunities to make the most of the island of Langkawi. It’s the ideal destination for a vacation getaway on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world!

I loved:

  • The astonishing surroundings on one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, which is semi-private!
  • Two restaurants on the seaside, offering a welcome vacation atmosphere!
  • The beautiful and original spa with its open-air treatment cabins, as well as the unique and varied range of treatments

I disliked:

  • Breakfast: crowded and not the best quality!

Practical Information

  • More information available on their website
  • Executive Suite with pool starting at €450/night in February 2019

Thank you to the Andaman for the invitation to explore their establishmentOf course, the content of this blogpost was left entirely up to me!

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