The 10 best activities in Las Vegas

Vegas by night !

During my road trip in West America in autumn 2013, I spent a few days in the gambling capital : Las Vegas. Many people who have visited or lived in this city didn’t paint a very glam picture for me, but I didn’t want to form my opinion based on others : Las Vegas was on my way, why not make a little stopover to judge for myself.

I think that I was not disappointed by this city as I saw Vegas as it really is, meaning a superficial city. For me it is a little like when you go to Disney World; you know that everything has been designed for you and to amuse you but this doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time.

In the end, these few days were well filled and very entertaining. It was an interlude of fun before discovering the national parks in this region of the world.

1) Sleep in a superb hotel

Ma chambre à l'hôtel Aria avec une vue sur le Strip dont je ne me lasserai pas !

My room in the Aria Hotel with the view on the Strip !

The competition between the hotels in Vegas is very high. There is a large choice of establishments offering you an astronomical number of rooms (4000 rooms for the Aria hotel where I stayed), a large casino, shops and restaurants. In summary, everything has been designed so that you don’t have to leave your hotel ! It should be noted that the occupancy rate of establishments in Las Vegas is very high as they prefer to sell off rooms to have potential clients who would come and spend money in their casino. It is therefore easy to get a room at a very competitive price as long as you avoid the high season and weekends.

2) Have 300 sunny days a year

Vegas also offers you a sunny weather in most cases. When it is too hot, you can enjoy the fresh air in the commercial centers or even bath in a swimming pool (most hotels have one or several).

3) See a show 100% US version

A show in Vegas is an event in itself. Many singers like Elton John, Celine Dion or Britney Spears offer shows in these show halls. There is also the Cirque du Soleil, musical comedies, … but you need to think about booking in advance as some dates appear fully booked several weeks in advance.

4) See different countries in the world

Bienvenue dans le Caesars Palace !

Welcome to the Caesars Palace !

Une balade sur les canaux au Venetian ca vous tente ?

Tempted by a boat tour on the canals in the Venetian casino ?

Et il y a même la tour Eiffel ^^

The Eiffel Tower is even here ^^

Dans le casino consacré à Paris, les clichés sont nombreux ...

In the casino dedicated to Paris, there is a lot of clichés …


The hotel/casino New York New York

Walking in these casinos is almost like having a tour through the world in an ultra rapid mode : you can admire the pyramids in Luxor, the Eiffel Tower, the canals in Venice or ancient Rome at Caesars Palace etc ! It’s lovely to see the various clichés : for example in the Paris Las Vegas you hear the old french songs while strolling in the streets inspired by Montmartre !

5) Go shopping

Shopping dans le centre commercial de mon hôtel, Lamborghini et pret à poreter de luxe

Shopping in my hotel mall, Lamborghini and luxury brands !

If you want to re- do your wardrobe, this is the perfect city. But you also need a big budget as they have the biggest Pret a Porter brands that you will find ! You’ll find H&M but clearly you have more chance of finding a shop like Dior or Chanel than accessible brands.

6) Eat in good restaurants

In the Aria hotel where I stayed, there were no less than 16 restaurants ! French, Thai, Mexicain, …there is something for all tastes ! The decor is very carefully designed and most restaurants are high quality ! For those who want to indulge a true feast, go to one of the Michelin-starred restaurants in the city and you should know that many great chefs like Pierre Gagnaire for example have a gastronomic restaurant in Vegas.

7) Watch the Bellagio fountains show

Le soir vous pouvez assister tous les quart d'heure à ce spectacle

Every night, you can enjoy the show every 15 minutes !

Before arriving at Vegas, I didn’t know much about the city besides the Bellagio fountains show that I had heard about so many times. For about ten minutes, in front of the hotel of the same name, a show of water perfectly keeps in time with music and choreography. I advise you to go and see it at night as it is even lovelier then !

8) Gamble in a Casino

Il y a encore peu de monde nous sommes le matin !

There is few people because it’s the morning !

Las Vegas is the “the place to be” to gamble in a casino ! Slot machines, poker, … in summary, there is something for everyone. Not being a player by nature, I wasn’t at home in the casinos but it is great to see. For those who like to play a hand of poker, everything is done for you : free alcohol, sexy waitresses, … anything to make these guys keep playing^^

9) Have a short trip

Le Grand Canyon, j'ai adoré le lieu et son immensité !

The Grand Canyon, I love this nature wonder !

Le barrage Hoover à quelques kilomètres de la ville

The Hoover Dam, just a few kilometers of the city !

There are so many activities that you can visit for the day : Red Rock Canyon is for example very close as is the Hoover Dam. For the Grand Canyon, count on around 2h by car to reach the Indian national park (where you can find the Skywalk) and there are even helicopter excursions from Vegas.

10) Do some fun activities

Las Vegas est l'endroit idéal pour essayer de tirer

Las Vegas is the perfect place to try the shooting

Las Vegas offers many fun activities : you can for example drive a sports car on a circuit, you can try to shoot in one of the many centers in the city, you can swim with sharks in an aquarium, .. in short, the entertainment is fun and original here !

Practical information

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