Pure Luxury: Mariage Frères Tea

If you’re a tea aficionado, you’ve surely heard of Mariage Frères, and for those of you who haven’t, it’s time for a catch-up session! Let yourself be carried away by the unique flavors of their various blends!

For those who follow my blog from time to time, you’ve probably noticed my addiction (the only way to describe it!) to the famous Mariage Frères brand. I discovered their products a few years ago, and since then it’s the only brand of tea that I buy! Often I give in to temptation and indulge in their attractive and tasty side products as well (teapots, jellies, chocolates…). Every time I’m in Paris, I always take the opportunity to enjoy a brunch or an afternoon tea at their location; it’s practically become a ritual! Even in Tokyo, where the brand has developed a solid following, I couldn’t resist the chance to have lunch there!

Brunch in Tokyo

650 Products to Discover!

Intérieure colonial d'une des boutiques de la marque

For me, Mariage Frères is first of all a celebrated tea brand and, most importantly, one with subtle flavors and fragrances. There are many blends, from more pure and simple flavors to highly exotic ones—in short, there’s something for everyone. The problem of course is that after you’ve tried their tea, you’ll never be able to enjoy another Lipton beverage again (not ‘till the end of your days!).

You might tell me that your Lipton or Twinings tea works just fine for you, and you know something, I used to be the same way. But I’ve since gotten hooked on better products, including Palais du Thé, and now I can no longer enjoy even that!

Un brunch au top : plat délicieux avec du foie gras

A wonderful brunch with foie gras

Un de leurs fameux desserts : tarte façon crème brulée avec ses fraises des bois, un délice !

The “Coup de Soleil” Tart : so delicious !

Mariage Frères is in its own universe: this brand rides the colonial style wave, full of refinement. You need only check out one of their boutiques or their website to recognize their signature stamp, setting it apart from others. This tea brewer has been based in Paris since 1854, standing out as a top-of-the-range brand for true tea lovers!

Much-Appreciated Seasonal Releases

La collection Beautiful Tea

The Beautiful Tea collection

This famous brand is also distinct for its original creations and always highly-anticipated seasonal products: for example, this year for Christmas, there were three new teas to discover (Noel Tea, Christmas Cake, and Christmas Pudding) as well as chocolates and sweets made specially for the occasion. There are also new teas for the New Year, May Day… any holiday is a great time to discover new flavors!

Last year, I took advantage of one of the company’s workshops with a friend who loves the brand as much as I do (you can read the blogpost about our adventure here), for 1.5 hours of discovery and creative learning. A real treat!

So What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re a fan of tea and you haven’t converted yet, don’t wait to check out this brand! Since I live outside of Paris, I stock up at one of their reseller shops, or order online (shipping is free starting at 60 €).   

Here’s a great video for discovering Mariage Frères (or learning more about their tea if you already know it!).

Practical Information

  • The green tea you can’t miss: Marco Polo green tea
  • My favorite black tea: Bolero
  • A simple, stylish teapot: the Loft Teapot
  • A jelly I adore: Pharaon (“Pharaoh”) flavored jelly, ideal for breakfast or brunch!

What about you? What do you think of Mariage Frères? Have you tried their tea? Feel free to send me your comments or questions by posting them on social media.

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