Park Gstaad: A Prestigious Hotel in Switzerland’s Most Stylish Ski Resort

(© Park Gstaad)

During my recent trip in Switzerland, I passed through Gstaad, a very chic ski resort. A popular destination for the world’s wealthiest tourists, this village offers a number of 5-star establishments to keep its upscale clientele happy. I spent the night at Park Gstaad, where I made the most of the hotel’s relaxed atmosphere while still taking advantage of its top-of-the-line facilities and services.

Park Gstaad, one of the resort’s most luxurious hotels (© Park Gstaad)

Gstaad: A VIP Mountain Resort

Since 1910, Park Gstaad has welcomed well-to-do tourists passing through this small ski station in the Swiss Alps. Despite its heritage, the hotel has kept up with the changing times: in 2010, it got a total makeover with a large-scale renovation. When I passed through the entrance, I discovered a firmly contemporary style which still retained the sophistication that has made this hotel so famous throughout the years. The lobby features a sober and chic look, with parquet floor beautifully combined with slate. Not ostentatious, but discreet – here the word “chic” takes on its full meaning!

The lobby features a sober, chic look – very modern!

Cozy, Contemporary, and Luxurious: A Description of the 94 Rooms

With its 84 rooms and 10 suites, the hotel offers a clever mix of traditional alpine décor and decisively modern elements. The rooms feature a contemporary chalet interior design, dominated by wood, soft fabrics, brushed grey carpeting, and large picture windows. In the 75m² Deluxe Suite where I spent the night, I was immediately enveloped in a cozy ambiance and felt a profound sense of calm. The extremely spacious living area continues onto a large terrace, which allowed us to enjoy the surrounding panorama. The bedroom, with its walk-in closet and black granite-accented bathroom, offers the best in comfort.

The view from my Deluxe Suite
The living area 
The rooms feature a contemporary chalet interior design
The bedroom, which includes a walk-in closet and a gorgeous bathroom

A Must-See: “My Gstaad Chalet,” the Largest Suite in the Swiss Alps

Park Gstaad also boasts the crown jewel of penthouses! I had the pleasure of visiting the largest suite in the Swiss Alps, named “My Gstaad Chalet,” and I have to say that it’s truly astonishing! In addition to its four bedrooms with bathrooms (an unbelievable luxury!), this 400 m² duplex has several tricks up its sleeve: it proposes incredibly extravagant amenities, such as a 24h butler service, a bathroom equipped with a sauna, steam room, and jacuzzi, a fitness room, and a wellness zone where guests can bring in a massage therapist or even a hairdresser!

The height of luxury? It might just be to have a bathroom with a sauna, steam room, and jacuzzi, accompanied by a fitness room and wellness zone (© Park Gstaad)

Summer or Winter, the Choice Is Yours!

There are plenty of things to do at Park Gstaad, both in summer and winter. To begin with, the hotel offers a top-of-the-line PGA golf simulator which allowed me to practice my swing under the tutelage of Frederic Dauchez, a professional (and extremely pedagogical!) golfer who guided my husband and me. Both veteran players and amateurs who want to improve their abilities can practice here before heading out to the Gstaad’s golf course, 30 minutes from the hotel, to play the sport in real life!

A superb experience with the PGA golf simulator, including helpful advice from Frederic Dauchez!

Lovers of relaxation can head to the spa. A relaxation room, an indoor saltwater pool, an outdoor pool for hot summer days, and yoga classes are included in the spa’s range of services. The center also offers treatments using products from the brand JK7 (made in Hawaii and 100% natural!).
In winter, Park Gstaad transforms into a fairyland—for example, the tennis court becomes an ice skating rink. After skating a few laps, guests can head to the Ice Dome, a warm and friendly place in the afternoon that becomes even more festive in the evening.

The spa (© Park Gstaad)
Total metamorphosis in the winter season! (© Park Gstaad)

Modern, Trendy Cuisine

The dining options at this hotel offer something for everyone. We chose the hotel’s signature restaurant, Avenue Montagne, for dinner, where we discovered cuisine by Axel Rüdlin. His modus operandi? To work with local products and place emphasis on a rich variety of regional ingredients! He offers a varied menu, with Alpine cuisine classics like cordon bleu (which my husband selected) along with more sophisticated options. As for the desserts, they’re absolutely divine! We gave in to temptation and tried the Montagne Chocolat Délice, an exceptionally rich treat! The ambiance at the restaurant was both cozy and trendy, romantic and stylish, a skilful blend that immediately won us over. A special mention for the service, which was perfect. The staff was attentive and friendly but professional in every circumstance, reminding us that despite the relaxed atmosphere, we were in one of the best establishments in Switzerland.

The cozy, trendy décor of the signature restaurant, Avenue Montagne
We started off with locally-sourced cold meats
The cordon bleu was absolutely delicious!
A glass of fine wine to accompany a Zurich-style veal cutlet
The Montagne Chocolat Délice was just as delicious as its name suggests! Exquisite!
To finish

A 2nd dining option is the restaurant Chubut, which will satisfy meat-lovers! There, guests  can enjoy Argentinian specialties, especially delicious grilled meat, amidst astonishing décor. Thanks to the incredible attention to detail, diners can spend a few hours in a chic, Argentinian-style ambiance, with gaucho hats and large photos of cattle adorning the walls. The garden offers yet another ambiance with the Chalet Waldhuss, which proposes Swiss specialties in a cozy, rustic environment. The menu includes delicious fondues as well as raclettes, a difficult choice! I should also mention the bar, where guests can eat classic dishes and Asian-style specialties on the go, as well as the tasting cellar, offering excellent wines, cheeses, and cold meats.

Diners can spend a few hours in a chic, Argentinian-style ambiance, with gaucho hats and large photos of cattle adorning the walls. (© Park Gstaad)
The smokehouse is also fantastic!

Morning Detox

The following morning, we returned to the Avenue Montagne dining room for breakfast. Park Gstaad places an emphasis on healthy, detox living, and offers probiotic options, fruit and vegetable juices of every variety, and even local specialties, including cheeses and cold cuts. Guests can order eggs cooked however they’d like, as well as other dishes better adapted to a healthy diet. The breakfast buffet shows that the hotel wants to offer the best in variety and quality, whether you’re looking for comfort food or trying to take care of your body.

Healthy options first thing in the morning!
But also brioche for your sweet tooth 🙂
A fantastic start to the day!

The Verdict

Park Gstaad is the perfect place to stay for those seeking a modern chalet-style ambiance, where natural elements are combined with more contemporary features. In terms of the atmosphere, I truly enjoyed how stylish and luxurious it was, all while remaining laid-back. As for my suite, I felt like I was in my own private chalet which included all of the facilities and services of a highly-reputed five-star establishment. Another key advantage: there’s no lack of activities, whether in summer or winter, with an honorable mention for the unique golf simulator! An ideal luxury hotel for spending a few days in one of the world’s best ski resorts!

I loved:

  • The contemporary chalet style which goes perfectly with Gstaad’s chic atmosphere
  • The ambiance is luxurious and trendy but not stiff! A rarity in Switzerland!
  • The golf simulator: unique in its genre, and a plus for both beginners and veteran players!

I disliked:

  • The bedding was not to my taste!

Practical Information

  • More information available on their website
  • Deluxe Suite starting at 1650 € in August 2018

Thank you to Park Gstaad for the invitation to explore their establishmentOf course, the content of this blogpost was left entirely up to me!

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