My goal for 2017 : a nomad life !

It’s 2017 and time for a big change ! A few months ago I made one of the most difficult decisions of my life, a decision I knew would change a lot of things but I hoped for the best. Today I have therefore decided to to tell more, to explain to you the way of this thinking which has for a long time been in my head …


This year, my husband and I travelled a lot : almost 1/3 of the year between Brittany, Corsica, Spain and Scotland but also in remote countries like Western America or Thailand. It should be mentioned that we have been working on our own online for a long time and that we can therefore arrange ourselves well so that we are together and work remotely which simplifies things a lot.

Saint Malo – Road trip July 2014

Corsica – September 2014

West America – Road trip October 2014

Dubai – December 2014

Thailand – December 2014

2014 was also a very special year because, at the end of March, I bought my first horse. I have been riding very regularly since I was 10 but I have never been able to buy one ! It was such a happy year between periods of travel and show-jumping competitions in the south west of France. I was also happy to travel and return so the balance is perfect !

My first mare : Persane !


My husband really wanted to become a nomad ! He realized that this way of life is perfect for him and his balance. From my side, I was always happy to spend half of my day horse riding and following competitions. For me, living in Toulouse and traveling very often was the best solution for the moment ! I was completely happy with this way of life !

My 2nd horse during a jumping competition : Quenzo !

My life in Toulouse !


What changes at end of the year ! My coach who I was my horse teacher for 3 years and who really listened to me so well stopped teaching us. The subtile balance I had built the last years was no longer there and many changes started happening. I also started feeling tired of living in Toulouse, the city where I was born. It was the first time I said to me that moving abroad would be foreseeable and could bring me more. I realized also that I was 31 and that time is passing … isn’t it time to act ??

I really had the feeling the seed that was planted in my soul a few years ago had grown and that I wanted change, to live a different life, a more dynamic and enriching one. Gradually, my though process turned towards the nomad life : why not after all, nothing is stopping me from living like this. This life change could be the best thing to implement for the months to come !

25 January 2017

It has now been 4 months that the decision has been made. Notice for the apartment has been given, the furniture has gradually left and the horse is up for sale. No change is without consequences. Even though I say that this decision will bring me a lot of positivity, deep down I have a lot of fear : fear of change, fear of not loving this life and fear of not being able to manage my life in countries so different from my own ! Im not idealizing this nomad life and I know that there will be extraordinary days but also moments where I will wonder what I am doing there … I am perfectly aware ! I am also benefiting from reading testimonials by several bloggers who have been leading this way of life for several years and I have been trying out this new world.

I am sure today that I really want to try this experience ! Will it last a few months or a few years, I am not sure ! For the moment, I’m enjoying the last moments of a sedentary life in Toulouse before launching fully into this new life adventure !

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