My Chic Getaway to Deauville

© Jean Claude Boscher

When I was reflecting on Deauville a few weeks ago, the first words that came to mind were luxury, beach, and casino. Before discovering this lovely seaside resort, I didn’t imagine I’d fall under the spell of this town, which has more than one trick up its sleeve. Come with me to discover this legendary destination, a very pleasant place to spend a few days!

In this month of April, after spending a few days in bubbling Paris, I head out west toward Normandy, which I have not yet had an opportunity to explore. For the first stop on my trip, I set down my bags in Deauville, known internationally for its elegance and for the numerous events that it hosts each year.

Deauville’s Hotels

Before checking out Deauville in more detail, I leave my luggage at the superb hotel Barrière Le Normandy, where I’ll spend the night. For those of you who want to know more about this absolutely splendid five-star hotel, take a look at my blog post on the subject.

The Barrière Group has several interesting offers here in terms of luxury accommodation: Le Normandy is the flagship of the group with its charming rooms, the Royal (also 5 stars) presents a more romantic style, and the Hotel du Golf where I spent 3 nights in February (when attending the EOL17 organized by Traveller Made) offers a more contemporary and relaxing atmosphere, and features a magnificent golf course.

The most luxurious hotel in Deauville : Le Normandy

The Architecture

Walking through the narrow streets, I discover a city with its own unique appeal, presenting architecture that combines 2nd French Empire and Anglo Norman styles. Deauville has a distinct and assertive personality, and I can’t help but feel excited about it. I’m definitely a fan of its wooden facades and small shops, the perfect setting for a peaceful stroll. It reminds me somewhat of Biarritz: a small seaside town where life is good, and which, while inhabited year-round, maintains its historic charm and architecture.

© Patrice Le Bris

The most impressive example of this beautiful architecture is the Villa Strassburger. Built in 1907, this house has become the symbol of this style, unique to Deauville. Classified as a Historic Monument, it has an undeniable allure! I had the pleasure of attending a cocktail party here and the interior is just sublime!

The Villa Strassburger © Jean François Lange

Local Sports and Events

Every year, Deauville hosts numerous cultural events and festivals, the best-known of which is probably the American Film Festival, taking place at the beginning of September each year.

The actor Orlando Bloom during the “Festival du Cinéma Américain” © Ville de Deauville

There are also numerous equestrian events. You need only pass between the city’s entry signs to understand that Deauville is a haven for horses: you can observe stables everywhere, as well as equine statues decorating almost every roundabout. Thanks to two racetracks that host numerous events each year, the famous August horse auction, and the town’s international equestrian hub, France’s third sport is very well represented here! Being a horse rider myself, I’m in heaven!

© Sandrine Boyer Engel

Jumping show © Sandrine Boyer Engel

Polo on the beach © Nicolas Reitzaum

In terms of sports, you can also count on the city’s four golf courses to practice your swing! One of them is located at the Hotel du Golf, the perfect place to stay if you’re looking to reconcile physical activity and relaxation.

The hotel du Golf © Fabrice Rambert

And don’t forget the casino! Built over a century ago, it’s still a source of energy for local night life. The decor is lovely, and the O2 Sofa Bar is a very pleasant place to go for a drink. 

The Casino Barrière © Patrice Le Bris

The O2 Sofa Bar, a very nice place for a drink

The Beach

Here on the beach, two kilometers of fine sand and a series of multicolored umbrellas project the image of Deauville that everyone knows. The famous boardwalk stretches along for 643 meters (0.4 miles), featuring the names of many well-known American actors and directors. There are even a number of small cafes and restaurants offering stunning views of the sea.

The famous boardwalk © Patrice Le Bris

Shopping in Deauville

As for shops, the choice is vast, and the most luxurious brands are well-represented. I should mention that the area’s reputation was set in 1913, with the creation of the very first Coco Chanel boutique. It was surely a good omen for the future of haute couture shopping in Deauville! Another very positive feature: these shops remain open on Sundays and public holidays! On top of that, I was pleased to note that the welcome I received in the various shops I visited was always excellent!

Shopping time © Sandrine Boyer Engel

The Verdict

Deauville is a seaside town with a unique identity and unquestionable charm. I love the architecture; it’s an absolute delight to walk down the small streets and admire the pretty facades. In addition, there’s plenty to do in terms of activities or sports. In short, it’s a location that I highly recommend for those who want to spend a few days in Normandy. The town can also act as a great base for visiting the surrounding area while enjoying the upscale accommodation and excellent restaurants on offer here.

Practical information

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