The Fondation Louis Vuitton : an architectural treasure

An amazing museum located in this modern building (©fondation LV)

During my stay in Paris last weekend, I enjoyed a lovely and sunny day discovering at the gates of Paris, or more specifically in the Bois de Boulogne, the famous Fondation Louis Vuitton which opened its doors in October 2014. Follow me for my visit !

It has now been a year and a half that the public has been able to discover this contemporary art museum which promotes national art, but at the same time also players on the international scene through its permanent collections and temporary exhibitions. LVMH has for several years been a significant sponsor and the brand has decided a while ago to support art in a foundation which is its own.

Currently (from 27 January 2016 to 29 August 2016), China is being honored with the exhibition of the most promising Chinese artists. Not being a great expert of contemporary art, I do not want to give you my novice opinion regarding this exposition and I will allow you to discover and judge it for yourself !


Work by the artist Xu Zhen


Sculpture by Zhan Huan

What piqued my curiosity during the creation of this museum, is this superb building that I really wanted to discover. Designed by American architect, Frank Gehry, this luminous structure with its numerous glass panels also gives a feeling of lightness. It was designed as a real spacecraft and one only has to look at the aerial pictures to realize its originality and beauty.

This building, which features curved shapes is an invitation to discovery : you begin on the 4th floor where you arrive on a large terrace offering a view of the surroundings and then you gradually descend to the lower floors via the various exhibition halls.


Sketch of the building


The rooftop and its view on the surroundings

On the outside, various basins enable one to end up in walking in the open air and to admire the outside of the building. The games around the basin are also very amazing.


The kaleidoscope

After your visit, do not hesitate to tour the bookshop which offers books on art but also the famous Louis Vuitton travel guides which I have already mentioned (see the article which is dedicated to the Louis Vuitton guides). There is also the Franck restaurant where one can dine, but I only went there for a coffee.

Practical informations

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