Innovation and Relaxation at the Spa Diane Barrière

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During my stay at Le Normandy, a superb hotel in Deauville (and the subject of my last post which you can read here), I of course couldn’t leave the five-star establishment without exploring its spa center. Being a huge fan of massages and spa treatments, I was delighted when the clock struck 5 p.m. this Tuesday afternoon and I could finally enter into this sanctuary of wellness, dressed in my fluffy white bathrobe!

An Innovative Concept

The Spa Diane Barrière is one of several major new features of the hotel, renovated only a year ago. This legendary hotel was missing a wellness center, but today it’s complete with its own integrative spa (the only one in France) which focuses on wellness and prevention. Thrilled to discover this bold new concept, the spa’s clientele come from both Le Normandy hotel and from the local area.

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You’re in for a treat with the “Aerial Wellbeing for the Future” concept, invented by Tom Volf. You need only browse the brochure to understand that it’s a completely innovative approach; you won’t find those Swedish and Balinese massages that are so common in more traditional spa catalogues! Here the magic words are innovation and performance, harnessing science to serve well-being. The program looks so tempting, it’s time for me to learn more!

The Look

I’m a spa enthusiast, and the list of centers I’ve visited in France and worldwide is getting a bit long! I almost always have a nice time, but only a few spas leave me with a long-lasting memory, and I think this may be one of them! The center’s appearance is already a surprise; during the hotel’s renovation, the former gastronomic restaurant was transformed into a spa, and the initial historic room was preserved with its enormous stained-glass window, adorned with coats of arms, and its immense fireplaces. Nothing like the imitation Balinese-style spas that one can sometimes find.

The spa located in the former gastronomic restaurant

Comfortably settled in the sitting room, I wait for my therapist, who comes to offer me a warm welcome and explain the basics of my treatment while accompanying me to my room. We enter into the heart of the spa, a long, super-futuristic hallway using color therapy, and the contrast is striking! I arrive in one of ten rooms where the treatments are administered and lie down on my AerialBed, a unique kind of treatment table which turns out to be very comfortable (particularly the face cradle, which is often rather unpleasant).

A Menu of Never-Before-Seen Treatments

The spa offers a menu of unheard-of treatments, including, for example, its NeuroSense signature treatment. This neurosensory and cognitive treatment helps to relax the body, thanks to a specialized helmet and glasses which receive audio and visual frequencies. For an even more original experience, opt for the Aculaser treatment which combines Chines medicine and laser technology to create a brand new form of acupuncture.

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My BioEnergetic Treatment

Here goes for 50 minutes of bliss in the expert hands of my therapist. At the Spa Diane Barrière, the treatments are highly innovative and, above all, tailored to each client’s expectations, and to how the body responds. A combination of ancient Chinese energy healing and cutting-edge technology has led to the establishment of this new wellness concept.

I choose a BioEnergetic treatment that focuses on meridians and acupressure points. The sensations that I feel during the massage are unique—I’ve never had a sensory experience like this before. After the 50 minutes are up and I finally come to my senses, I talk about my experience with my therapist, who explains that it’s linked to my energy meridians. I leave the treatment room feeling very impressed and totally relaxed. After enjoying a tea in the sitting room, I head back to my hotel room feeling completely replenished and disconnected.

My treatment room with its AerialBed very confortable

Extended Visits

If you’re looking for something more involved, the spa offers extended sessions of two, three, and six days for more in-depth treatment. After a full check-up using measuring devices and a detailed survey, you and your therapist can develop a customized program. The spa offers a number of approaches, including detox, vitality, weight loss, beauty, relaxation, and longevity.

On top of that, you get access to the indoor pool, steam room, sauna, and the Le Tigre Yoga Club. A holistic treatment section has been added to the integrative spa in the form of this center which offers yoga and pilates classes. It’s a full program to help you reconnect with yourself in just a few days!

The sauna (©Groupe Barrière)

The Tigre Yoga Club (©Groupe Barrière)

The Verdict

I’ve completely fallen under the spell of this spa. Its concept is extremely innovative and original. It happens occasionally that I’ll try a treatment at a spa and not remember how it made me feel a few months later, but my experience at the Spa Diane Barrière will remain etched in my memory. Its approach to wellness is very interesting, as are the treatments it offers. I absolutely loved the personnel and in particular the therapists, who are highly skilled and very well-trained. You can tell that they are very passionate about their work. It’s clearly a spa that I will return whenever I’m in Deauville, perhaps for a treatment session of two days or more.

Practical information

  • Open every day from 10am to 7pm, except on Friday and Saturday from 9am to 9pm.
  • To make a reservation : or
  • 50 min BioEnergetic treatment = 130€
  • 2-day stay from 1040€
  • More information on their website !

A big thanks to Mme Le Gall, the spa’s director, who agreed to an interview so that I could explain the spa’s concept to you in detail.

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