La Compagnie: Luxury at a Reasonable Price “in the air”

Have you ever heard of La Compagnie Boutique Airline? It’s an airline that offers flights between Paris and New York, exclusively in business class, at a very affordable price (starting at 1200 € roundtrip). When returning from the States this past September, I couldn’t resist the chance to try La Compagnie and explore their innovative concept!

Created in 2013 by Frantz Yvelin and Peter Luethi, La Compagnie’s Boeing 757-200 aircraft present an intimate and luxurious cabin: 74 seats arranged in pairs for maximum comfort and privacy, each of which can be lowered into a lying-down position (up to 175°). This of course allows you to sleep or get some rest on board and arrive fresh-faced at your destination.

The adventure begins at Newark, one of the main airports in New York, after five days of fun in the “Big Apple.” Following a quick check-in, we head toward the Art & Lounge lounge, which features a certain modernity with its designer décor. It’s a comfortable setting, with the only drawback being the completely artificial light due to the lack of windows.

The lounge is located ahead of security, but thanks to our tickets from La Compagnie there’s no waiting. In ten minutes at most, we’re already sitting in front of the boarding gate (I have to say, as always it’s more pleasant and so much less stressful to have priority boarding!).

After a few more minutes of waiting, we board our Boeing aircraft. The greeting from our three flight attendants is very warm and professional. We take our seats and begin exploring the area where we’ll spend our seven-hour flight. In terms of entertainment, we each have a Samsung tablet for watching films, reading magazines, or listening to music. The concept is interesting—you can even hold the tablet in your hands to read, which is more enjoyable.

As for the travel kit, we’re offered a small, elegant pouch full of high-quality products, like a cream from the famous beauty brand Caudalie (incidentally one of my very favorite brands!).

After take-off, the flight attendants serve a quick snack so that the passengers can sleep for a few hours before arriving in Paris. The on-flight menu is the creation of chef Christophe Langrée, and we partake in a ham and mozzarella salad, a selection of cheese, and to finish it all off, an apple crumble. All of this comes with champagne or wine for those who request it. For an in-flight meal, the food is tasty and of very good quality. After that, the lights in the cabin are dimmed, with warm and pleasant blue tones, and we drift off to sleep for several hours.

The sun rises a few hundred kilometers out from Europe, where we’re headed. The light on board the plane becomes brighter and brighter, finally waking the last of the napping passengers. Breakfast is served; for my part, I choose a sweet menu of pudding with berry coulis, fruit salad, a croissant, and a hot beverage. I have just enough time to enjoy my breakfast before we’re reminded to fasten our seatbelts for the landing in Paris.

The Verdict

You guessed it—this journey from New York to Paris was a fantastic flying experience! For years I’ve been wanting to test La Compagnie’s services, and I was not disappointed! The original and innovative concept is, in my opinion, a wonderful opportunity to fly comfortably, and at a reasonable price. I can’t recommend enough that you plan a trip and take advantage of this airline, among the best on the market!

© La Compagnie

I loved:

  • The personnel on board: the three flight attendants on the day of our flight were very pleasant and professional
  • The quality of the in-flight meals
  • The comfortable seats and the amenities on the plane
  • The price

I disliked:

  • The quality of the food on offer at the Newark airport lounge didn’t meet my expectations.

Practical Information

  • New: In 2019, La Compagnie will acquire two Airbus A321neo aircraft.
  • An unlimited offer is available for those who fly very frequently between New York and Paris.
  • La Compagnie offers one to two flights per day
  • More information available on their website

A big thanks to La Compagnie for the warm welcome on board and the pre-boarding to discover the aircraft in complete peace.

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