Japan: Aman Kyoto Luxury Hotel Opens Its Doors

Marie Aubry

Marie Aubry

Located in an intimate natural environment in the heart of a 32-hectare forest, Aman Kyoto, the third Aman property in Japan, opened its doors in early November 2019. Ideally located at the foot of Mount Hidari Daimonji, Aman Kyoto is an intimate retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city. From this haven of peace, where nature occupies a prominent place with gardens, forests, and calm waters, guests will discover the beauty of the ancient imperial capital, such as the Kinkaku-ji Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The garden is of indescribable beauty: a series of terraces, a stream, and a wooded hill where trees bring a calm and soothing atmosphere to the guests among the old cedars, cypresses, camellias, and Japanese maples that turn a flaming red in the fall.

The resort is a minimalist architectural masterpiece created by Kerry Hill Architects, who have already imagined Aman Tokyo and Amanemu. There is elegance and sensitivity in communion with nature and neutral tones to enhance the work of local artisans.

Consisting of several autonomous pavilions, Aman Kyoto comprises 6 Guest Pavilions housing 26 rooms. In these minimalist cocoons, there are huge windows offering a splendid view of this natural environment and tatami mats on the floor. All the furniture, including traditional Japanese lanterns, was custom-made and exclusive to Aman Kyoto. Typically Japanese art objects have been individually curated for each space, highlighting the beauty of Japanese craftsmanship.

In this natural setting imbued with great serenity, the wellness offering also adopts this wisdom. Traditional onsens provide unprecedented relaxation, while a whole range of treatments are based on natural ingredients from Japan, such as Kyoto green tea. The art of bathing and breathing, Zazen meditation, green tea consumption, shiatsu physical practice, acupuncture, and moxa are all part of the Aman Kyoto experience.

The Living Pavilion by Aman houses Aman Kyoto's signature restaurant. With a splendid panorama of the gardens and the surrounding nature, the restaurant is open at any time of the day. Chef Kentaro Torii serves Kyoto family cuisine as well as Western dishes made from local ingredients in accordance with the seasons.

The Japanese table, Taka-an, pays tribute to the artist Honami Koetsu, who played a prominent role in the culture and creative life of Takagamine, the region where Aman Kyoto is located. Seasonal ingredients are prepared in dishes that are true gastronomic works of art.

On the cultural discovery side of the superb city of Kyoto, the luxury hotel is surrounded by no less than 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites nearby. Many activities are offered: calligraphy, visit to Uji tea fields, geiko show, meditation, etc.

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