Thierry Drapeau Restaurant in Saint-Sulpice-le-Verdon - 1 Michelin Star

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

The restaurant of Thierry Drapeau, which bears his name, is housed in a grand location in Saint-Sulpice-le-Verdon. The magnificent building features a large room with exposed wooden beams and a view of the beautiful park of the property. Despite the grandeur of the place, there is an almost intimate atmosphere in the room, a certain conviviality to dine near the fireplace. Rooms are available to fully enjoy the place for a weekend. The first Michelin star is well-deserved for this chef with creative cuisine, who will not disappoint during your trip to the Vendée region.

The plates are very graphically presented and the technicality of the cooking of the dishes and the association of flavors are reflected in their presentation. The chef likes to play with containers, sometimes using plates, other times using pine cones. The chef's specialties highlight regional products: white asparagus from the Loire, Vendée ham and Nantes lamb's lettuce, pan-fried petit bateau fish, carrot and kumquat with black garlic confit. Three menus are offered for different experiences, ranging from 58 to 150 euros.

There are many wine references on the menu and the service is pleasant and discreet.

The restaurant is open for lunch from Wednesday to Sunday and for dinner from Wednesday to Saturday.

Florence Consul

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