Welcome to the first W Hotel in the Middle East: W Dubai - The Palm

Daniel Davis

Daniel Davis

W Dubai - The Palm is the brand-new W resort that opened a few weeks ago in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It disrupts the codes of the hospitality industry with its electric style and bold design.

The design of the W Dubai - The Palm pays tribute to the city of Dubai, one of the most dynamic in the world, by harmoniously interpreting the curves of the desert sand and the geometric shapes of the city's buildings. A magnificent Orsoni glass mosaic decorates the hotel lobby, while a majestic five-story atrium crowns the Welcome Desk. The ever-evolving urban landscape is represented by carpets that echo the clear waters of the Persian Gulf and the clouds that reflect on it.

If there is one place to be seen in Dubai, it's now at the W Lounge! An artistic interpretation of a Bedouin bonfire sits at the center of the W Lounge, evoking long journeys in the desert. Finally, a monumental 13m long sofa, whose tones recall the desert, links the W Lounge and the VIP Lounge.

The 350 rooms have a panoramic view and a level of comfort worthy of a 5-star hotel. As for the decoration, the undulating walls shimmer according to the natural light, while contemporary graffiti inspired by the lyrics of the famous Lebanese singer Fairouz adorn the walls.

For entertainment, the many pools, the beach with a view of the city of Dubai, and the spa with its 10 treatment rooms, a hammam, a sauna, and a wellness space for couples are among the entertainment options. There is also a Beauty Bar and a fitness area, the FIT.

W Dubai - The Palm delights its guests' taste buds with 6 different restaurants. Torno Sobito is chef Massimo Bottura's first restaurant outside Italy. On the menu are classic recipes between nostalgia and creativity. For the decor, a very colorful ambiance reminiscent of Hollywood in the 60s.

Akira Back introduces his modern touch to the Middle East with a fusion of Japanese and Korean cuisine. The entrance is marked by a vortex, designed to transport guests instantly into Back's universe. Inside, the design is inspired by Wabi-Sabi the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection, life, and death.

SoBe is an adult-only restaurant that embodies the eclectic and vibrant spirit of Miami. It is the only rooftop in Dubai where guests can watch the sun disappear into the Arabian Sea with 360-degree views of the horizon and Dubai's skyline. The place offers DJ sets, creative cocktails, and even tattoo artists, for an incomparable experience in the city.

For those who take care of their diet, LIV is the best spot with its healthy dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The place was entirely designed with recycled materials. The restaurant is dotted with works of art inspired by the patterns left on the beaches by sand crabs, the official mascot of the W Dubai - The Palm.

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