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Florence Consul

Florence Consul

Located in the heart of the renowned Invalides neighbourhood of Paris, this Michelin 2-star restaurant, David Toutain, offers an exquisite gastronomic experience. Its strategic location makes it an ideal spot for both a sophisticated lunch or a relaxed, yet luxurious dinner. Highly rated by Gault & Millau with four toques, the restaurant has also garnered impressive ratings from Google and TripAdvisor, maintaining a consistent score of above 4.5. It's evident that David Toutain isn't just a restaurant; it's a top-notch dining destination.

The restaurant, which bears the name of its celebrated chef, is set in a modern and modulable design space, almost like a lofty art gallery. With its intricate layout and contemporary style, the ambience of David Toutain is nothing short of compelling. The atmosphere resonates with the quiet hum of satisfied diners, enhancing the overall experience. Each table is set with precision, reflecting the attention to detail which the restaurant is renowned for.

At the heart of this dining experience is Chef David Toutain. A seasoned connoisseur, Toutain's culinary prowess and creativity are well-known. He has lent his expertise to several prestigious tables before inaugurating his own. His unique style, discreet yet bold, mirrors in every dish he presents, turning the restaurant into a beacon of gastronomic innovation.

David Toutain's menu showcases the chef's fondness for auteur cuisine with a focus on healthy and visually stunning French gastronomy. With dishes like tartare of tuna in cherry consommé and large nacre langoustine accompanied by a compote of confit and melting peppers, your dining experience will be a delightful journey of surprising flavours. Not to forget, the enchanting starter of cauliflower tartlets with goat and coconut, or the main course of exquisite pigeon with a short, strong jus and vegetables. To conclude the meal, the chef presents a range of desserts including a unique strawberry ravioli with orgeat and a burrata cream with peach. An added perk is the careful selection of wines, curated by the in-house sommelier, that pairs seamlessly with the meal. The restaurant accepts bookings, ensuring that you secure a spot in this culinary heaven.

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