A Sunny Lunch at La Bastide de Gordes

Imagine a magnificent blue sky, the sun gently warming your skin, the perfect temperature hovering around 25° C, and a gourmet meal. You’ve made it, you’re at La Bastide de Gordes!

Le village de Gordes sur son éperon rocheux

Gordes on its rocky peak

While vacationing in Provence in September 2014, I stopped off at Gordes, one of France’s “most beautiful villages,” which I found particularly delightful! Perched up on a hill, Gordes can be admired from far away, and its steep little streets are endlessly charming. It’s truly a must-see if you’re in the area. To make the most of your visit, avoid the summer months when the large number of visitors can be stifling! The beginning of autumn is the perfect time to lose yourself in the village for a few hours… or even a few days!

A Gem in the Luberon

La vue depuis le bar extérieur

The view from the bar

In the heart of the village lies La Bastide de Cordes, a fabulous five-star hotel where I had the pleasure of eating lunch! I take a seat in the shade under a parasol on the gorgeous terrace (the sun is still beating down now in early September) and I admire the splendid view of the valley. I could never grow tired of the spectacle, and am captivated by the view. The surroundings are conducive to relaxation, and I hope the meal will be equally lovely. As for the service, the personnel is very attentive and professional, with a reception worthy of this kind of establishment. The chef, Olivier Bouzon, proposes a “fresh and light cuisine that combines Provençal and Mediterranean flavors.” Sounds wonderful!

Modern and Creative Cuisine

Notre apéritif au soleil

Our apéritif with the sun

The 42-euro lunch menu (featuring an appetizer, main course, and dessert) is exquisite: there’s no lack of freshness in the recipes, perfect for a late summer meal. The food is accompanied by a rosé wine from a small local producer. In short, it’s an extremely pleasant lunch under the Provençal sun. Now all that’s left is to try the hotel for a night! I’ll wait for June 2015, when the hotel’s large-scale renovation (currently underway) will be finished.

For the time being, I’ve decided to set my suitcases down for a few days at Les Bories & Spa, a few kilometers out from the village center. Don’t forget to check out my blogpost all about that lovely experience!

Practical Information

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