A Moment of Well-Being at the Spa Botanica in Bangkok

Bangkok is highly reputed for the excellent quality of its innumerable spas and massage centers. As a hardcore fan of these activities, I can tell you that I’m keeping very busy here with nearly a dozen upscale spas in the capital’s most luxurious hotels. Today I’m going to test the Spa Botanica. Let’s check it out!

Right in the heart of Bangkok, I climb into my pink taxi, only ten minutes away from my apartment. I pull up to one of the most beautiful hotels in the capital city, the Sukhothai, an establishment where I spent the night several years ago. I wasn’t able to visit their wellness center during my last stay, so today is the day!

The Sukhothaï : a peaceful hotel in the heart of Bangkok !

The Reception

The entrance is rather pretty, with a tropical ambiance. As I make my way into the spa, I’m warmly greeted by a young woman who, in addition to the typical spa questionnaire (to know if I have any illnesses or allergies to report), offers me a welcome beverage. A few minutes later, my therapist accompanies me into one of their 7 massage rooms, one of 4 double rooms in the establishment.

The Look

In terms of style, the center has a clean and somewhat simple look. One of the spa’s best assets is that while it’s located in a more urban area, it’s still nestled among trees, and I can even hear birds singing (a little bit of nature in Bangkok can’t hurt!).

The Treatment

I opt for a pre-summer skin recovery treatment made with mango. It’s a special offer exclusively for the months of May and June, and the price is very competitive, so why not try it out! Thailand’s best-known tropical fruit is featured in the treatment for its anti-inflammatory and calming properties.

We begin with a 30-minute exfoliation treatment, which is very pleasant (in particular the mango scent, so strong that it makes my mouth water!). Next it’s time for a 60-minute massage with oil, which is very relaxing. The quality of the massage is excellent, and the therapist is very attentive to my needs, making sure that the pressure is just right (people are often surprised by how firm these young Thai women can be; they seem so small but have impressive hand strength!).

At the end of the massage, I’m offered a small snack of tea and half a fresh mango, to continue with the benefits of the tropical fruit.

Various Treatments

The Spa Botanica offers a wide range of treatments. Included are their classic massages, such as the “Sukhothai Signature Massage” that combines relaxation and stretching, or the “Jetlag Tonic,” ideal for those with aches and pains or heavy legs. A variety of exfoliation and aromatherapy treatments for face and body are also on the menu.

The Verdict

While situated in one of the most beautiful hotels in the city, this spa is not among the most gorgeous or impressive available, like for example the Peninsula that I tested a few months ago. However, the reception is fantastic and the quality of the massage is top-notch. I had a lovely time at this urban spa, and I’d recommend that you give it a try!

Practical information

  • Open from 9am to 10pm every day
  • More information on their website !
  • Remember to check their special offers !
  • Summer Skin Recovery Treatment with Mangoes = 3000 bahts (approximately 78€) for a 90 minute treatment.

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