A luxury ranch gateway : the Sorrel River

I really must tell you about this magnificent day on October, 2013 when I came across one of the most glamorous lodgings during my road-trip in the West America. It was impossible not to spend one night in a ranch surrounded by horses and cattle, with 100% US manly cowboys and large pastures! Well, granted this was a vision I had only seen in Hollywood movies ! In reality, what I am about to tell you is more than anticipated, a place halfway between rustic and chic!

I am enjoying my drive near the Colorado River to arrive at the ranch I am going to spend 3 nights, the Sorrel River Ranch and spa: the landscapes are spectacular and I am enjoying the last few kilometers to admire the beauty of this river meandering through the rocky formations. The location of this luxurious establishment is perfect and ideal: we are 30 minutes from Moab, a small town which is the epicenter of all the activities within the region but we are also very close to 2 parks: Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. I am sure you have understood that boredom would be unimaginable in this region.

Sur la route, voici les paysages que l'on découvre !

On the road this is the kind of landscapes you can find along the Colorado River !

An idyllic setting upon arrival


As I am driving through the ranch gate, I am already falling in love with it! The place is magnificent, the decor is like a John Wayne Western, all I have to do is to put on a cowboy’s hat and a pair of boots and there you go! For the accommodations, there are 55 wooden housings located in a lush green expanse with either the view on the river far below or the ocher mountains. I chose the Mountain River Suite, a large spacious suite with a decor that perfectly match with the location!



The Mountain River Suite

coin cusine

The kitchen area

Activities: western immersion

The most central element of the ranch is the stable and its numerous horses that is kept me busy for long hours strocking them while capturing them in my camera in this picturesque panorama!  Among the offered activities, we could of course take a horse ride, go hiking or biking along with the nautical activities on the Colorado river. For those who love to relax and lay back, there is a splendid swimming pool where you could spend a few hours and a rejuvenating spa to relieve your stress.


The horses quietly waiting for their riders !


The restaurant terrace closed to the river

I’ve been dreaming about this place for many years now and these few nights were truly remarkable! It was also a welcome rest since we were halfway through our road trip and were already tired of travelling; this was an ideal place to recover before swallowing the remaining thousands kilometers ! 

Practical information

  • About €350 per night in a standard accommodation. Reserve your room on Booking.
  • We planned an excursion for Canyonlands in a 4*4 from Moab, an ideal choice to visit the park because some zones were difficult to reach without a 4*4. Furthermore, we also benefited from the detailed explanations of our guide, truly a pleasant discovery!
  • Do not miss the Arches Park! One of unmissable American parks!
  • I had never heard about the Dead Horse Point before my local stay! And what a surprise: it certainly took my heart, a most awesome and magical grand place. In short, I couldn’t resist the temptation and spent about 30 minutes without ever growing weary!
Dead Horse Point

Dead Horse Point : difficult to describe what you can feel here !

And what about you, have you ever slept in a ranch? Perhaps in the United States or in Canada… Feel free to send me your comments or questions by posting them on social media.

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