A Cheese Party in Bangkok

Ahhh, France and its culinary specialties! It’s true that my home country overflows with gastronomical delicacies: the notorious foie gras, French wines (several of which are among the best in the world), flaky pastries and the famous croissant, and, of course, delicious cheeses! The French are the world’s biggest consumers of cheese, and I’ll admit that I have a weakness for it myself. So when I learned that there was a cheese party at the Sofitel So Bangkok hotel, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity!

It’s May 5th, and it’s been about two weeks since I first set down my suitcases on Thai soil. And when I say my suitcases, I mean all of my suitcases. As you may have read, I recently decided to become a full-time nomad (explained here in this post) and so left France to spend a few months in Bangkok.

Gastronomically speaking, Thailand has its own delicious cuisine, but I have to say that I always enjoyed having a little slice of cheese after a meal while in France. But no worries! To make up for the deficiency, I got to attend the wine and cheese soirée at the Sofitel So Bangkok, presented by the French cheese company Frères Marchand. 

The Location

The Sofitel So Bangkok is a 5-star hotel with 238 rooms, designed around the theme of the five elements. The hotel’s gorgeous overflowing pool (where a Pool Party is thrown once a month) and its bars and restaurants make it a highly appreciated establishment in the Thai capital.

The swimming pool and its panoramic view !

I head for the 9th floor, home to the hotel lobby but also the Mixo bar, where the party will take place. It’s 7 p.m. and almost dark outside, but we can still make out a view of the Lumpini park below. The décor of both the bar and the entire hotel was supervised by Christian Lacroix himself as artistic director, so the tone is set!

The Party

A large buffet is set up and, to our delight, there are dozens of cheeses laid out just waiting to be tasted! There’s plenty of choice, with hard and soft rind cheeses, as well as dried fruit and some cooked cold meats. The evening is hosted by the Frères Marchand, famous cheese makers from Nancy in northern France.

This family business (they’re now on their 6th generation) is all about passion. On top of being cheese makers, they’re also refiners, restaurant owners, and as of a few years ago, exporters. The Tokyo and Hong Kong markets were the first to enjoy their cheeses, and now these 100% French-made products can be found in Bangkok.

The Marchand brothers : Eric, Patrice and Philippe (©Frères Marchand)

I have the pleasure of speaking with Philippe Marchand, who recounts his family history but also tells me about his love for Japan, which he regularly visits to export his products. I then take a seat at my table and alongside my partner begin the cheese tasting, accompanied by several glasses of fine red Argentine wine. Now I’ll know what to do if ever I’m in need of cheese: I’ll head straight to “El Mercado,” a local delicatessen that sells Frères Marchand products!

Mr Philippe Marchand

My Assessment

The party was a great success, very congenial and personal, where we happily conversed and shared ideas but above all enjoyed the excellent quality of the featured cheeses and wines. I’d love to do it again!

Practical Information

Have you ever tried cheeses from Frères Marchand? Are you also a big cheese fan like me? Feel free to send me your comments or questions by posting them on social media.

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