5 Books that will fuel your wanderlust

Are you the kind of person who can spend hours in a bookshop? Who wanders through the shelves reading through every single copy in it? Well, I must admit that is indeed the person I am and particularly when the travel section is well supplied! And please don’t assume that I lack in books, but quite the contrary my library is a treasury of works on travelling: guides, photo books, novels, top destinations, you name it!

Since we are heading fast towards Christmas, I’d say that this is the perfect moment to introduce you to my 5 landmark books on travelling! Moreover, if you are running short of ideas for your Christmas presents, a book could certainly turn out to be a perfect present!

1) Le Monde en Stop

This book is among the first book on travelling which I’ve read and devoured in only a few days. Reading the adventures of the author and how he travelled round the world in 5 years was very interesting. Ludovic Hubler’s thoughts reflect to some extent my own background which I believe might be the reason his book fascinates me. The business school scheme and the life that seemed all mapped out was not what he chose, instead he decides to embark on a journey to new shores. His “master on the road” has taught him so much which he related perfectly in his novel.

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2) 1000 choses à voir dans le monde

Here is my recent newcomer; I love this kind of book! Most importantly because it keeps me dreaming: I settle down comfortably in my sofa and marvel at the beauty and the diversity in nature. This is a great source of inspiration especially for atypical experiences. For example, we could find here the encounter with the polar bears at Churchill in Canada or the Verdon Gorge in Provence.

Un sommaire bien complet et varié

De belles images avec des textes courts qui donnent envie

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3) Into the wild

This newly graduated young American decided to quit everything, especially this society where he never actually fitted in and set off into an adventure through the United States. He got into an abandoned bus in Alaska, in the middle of nowhere and completely cut off from the world. Although we are aware of the journey’s end, following the progress of how he reflects his own life choices is quite intriguing. A heartrending book!

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4) Ils ont fait le tour du monde

Personally I have never really been interested in world tours! Thus, I’ve always undertaken in a job where I could travel when and wherever I want to embark on a journey, which is perhaps why I’ve never gone down that road. But it’s certainly a delight to read about the journeys of these men and women and sometimes even their families! With different motivations, varied countries, we accompany them in their long journeys from our sofa. For aspirants, this is certain to be most valuable that helps organize everything perfectly: budget, road, sponsors, …

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5) Geobook 110 pays 6000 idées

This is one of the books I often use to seek new ideas about destinations, particularly to see if this is the right time to visit there. The book begins with a large table that displays various countries with the favourable months and then, the writer provides an overview of the destination covering 2 or 3 pages: beautifully captured photos, the unavoidables, expenses, the distance, a brief ideal so as to provide a first impression before going into too much detail.

Les pays et les mois à privilgégier

Quelques pages sur le Canada

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Feel free to explore this list and make a wonderful Christmas present that will please adventurers. Indeed, there are many other books I personally love but another time maybe!

Any preferred travelling books you’d like to share with us? Feel free to send me your comments or questions by posting them on social media.
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