10 pictures to inspire you to discover Ireland

What more convincing than photos from my trip to Ireland to convince you to discover this country for yourself. Some would say that the weather is uncertain (it’s true except that I barely had a drop of rain for 10 days !), others would tell me that it’s difficult to drive on the left (not obvious at first but you get used to it very quickly) but whatever the case, this country is absolutely wonderful. Therefore this piece of advise, do it !

White sand beaches

To be honest with you, I was told that there were magnificent beaches in Ireland but truth be said, I thought that they were exaggerating … until the day I saw Dog’s Bay ! This is a superb white sand beach and half desert (and yes, it was a little cold even in April !) with clear water ! A true paradise !


The amazing Dog’s Bay beach with its white sand

For animal lovers

For animal lovers, you will love it here : there are many sheep (some of which are really very cute!!!) and also horses, especially in Connemara, which is a breeding ground for racing horses of the same name.


This small lamb is so cute ! So hard to resist !

Castle life

Ireland has several castles (there are actually less than in Scotland where I did a 15 day road trip) and some have even been converted into hotels : this is the case with Ashford Castle where I spent a fantastic night ! You could choose to stay there, or quite simply visit some which have been opened to the public.

ashford castle

The Ashford Castle converted into a luxurious hotel since the 1930s

Pubs with colorful facades

Whether in Dublin or in the small towns that I have encountered, you always find the same thing : pubs ! Here, it is a real institution, most often gathering around a pint of beer with some music. Visually, the facades are very colorful and made for great photos !


The Temple Bar neighbourhood in Dublin with its colorfull pubs !

Scenic routes

Fans of back roads will be bowled over by Ireland ! It is crazy to do a road trip on the motorway, making one forced to make use of the small roads which often leads us to magnificent outlook points ! Of course, you do not drive very fast but it is highly enjoyable !

petites routes

Small roads in Connemara

Legacies of the past

Numerous historical sites dot the Irish countryside : dolmens, pre-historical sites but also vestiges of Christian heritage. Some are in very good condition while others have been reduced to ruins but they are great sites to discover.


The Clonmacnoise monastery

One of the most beautiful libraries in the world

In Dublin, Trinity College, one of the most renowned universities in the world, can be found. There you will find the Old Library which holds 2 floors of rare and ancient books with magnificent décor.

trinity college

The beautiful librairie in the Trinity College

Natural wonders

The Cliffs of Moher are one of the most visited sites in Ireland. And you will understand why when you visit it ! The view from these cliffs, which plunge from their peak into the sea make it an absolutely unforgettable landscape ! In the same vein, the isles of Arran offer quite similar view points over the jagged coastline.

falaises de moher

The cliffs of Moher, one of the most visited places in Ireland

Be alone in the world

Ireland is also the countryside ! Even in the most touristy places, there is always a way to be alone to admire nature. You need to take some time out to take the back roads, to get lost, and to sometimes unearth hidden places: in summary, you need to discover !


Wild nature in the Killarney park

Watch the sunset

I’ve seen sunsets but I must admit that these ones are particularly beautiful : the colors, the view over this tranquil sea or this feeling of being present at something which fills us with happiness …

coucher soleil

Watching the sunset for the Skye Road, a real happiness !

Have you saved Ireland as a future destination ? Do you know this country already ? Don’t hesitate to share your comments or questions with me in the comments section or on social networks. Follow my experiences on social networks: facebook, twitter and instagram ! But also share my article if you enjoyed it with the buttons below !

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