10 affordable luxury Christmas gifts

Christmas is fast approaching: we are already about twenty days to Christmas and I don’t know for you but I feel it’s every year harder to find the good gift, the one that pleases and the one which makes a good impression, in short the task is far from easy. Here are 10 great Christmas gift ideas for 2015 that combine luxury and affordable prices!

1 – The Hermès square

Modèle Etriers

The Etriers Square, a gift for my 30 years old birthday

We start with a timeless luxury: the Hermès square. My grandmother had one, my mother has one, I have one, in short it is an accessory that has survived the decades without taking a wrinkle. If you choose the smallest model (55×55 cm), perfect and easy to put, you will have the choice between different colors and very modern design.

Who ? : your sister, your mother, your grandmother, depending on the model and colors you choose.
Price : 145€
Learn moreSee different models

2 – A vintage champagne


For lovers of good bottles, you will make a hit by offering a gift like this: a bottle of champagne but a very special one with a vintage edition! As you probably know, a champagne is unlike wine a blend of several years. To the contrary, the vintage comes from the harvest of a single year which is usually an exceptional one and which offers a very high quality.

Who ? : your father, your darling, business contacts.
Price: my favorite is the Dom Perignon Vintage, there is at the moment a limited edition, year 2006 at 160 €
Learn more: All the bottles on Dom Perignon’s e-shop

3 – A Mont Blanc pen



Mont Blanc is a luxury brand renowned for its high-quality pens that have an ever more sophisticated look. If you go on an entry level, you will have a gift that will look amazing and will last in time. Different colors and models are available for masculine or feminine look.

Who ? : Your father, your mother, your sister, in short, the whole family.
Price: Ballpoint pen Cruise 185 €
Learn more: Find all the colors on the Mont Blanc website

4 – A cushion from Roche Bobois


Famous furniture shop, Roche Bobois makes collaborations every year with other brands for accessories such as cushions, carpets … We can mention partnerships with the creator Jean Paul Gaultier, with Sonia Rykiel or with Missoni. Choose from these home accessories to make a trendy and modern gift.

Who ? : Rather for women, your big sister or your mother, your cousin, …
Price: Cushion Sonia Rykiel model Audace at 110 €
Learn more: Find this cushion on the Roche Bobois website

5 – A Louis Vuitton city guide


If you have in your circle a city trip fan in the world’s largest cities, Your idea is all found! On the program, the best addresses of the hotels, restaurants and essential shops to visit the city. I bought the Tokyo guide as well as the one on Hong Kong (I tell you more in this article) and I loved its good addresses.

Who ? : someone who travels in the capitals of the world.
Price: 30 € for the paper guide
Learn more: Find the city guides on the Louis Vuitton website

6 – A caviar and half bottle of champagne


A ultimate symbol of luxury, caviar is rarely a product that one buys for himself given its high price. It is therefore an ideal and original gift. I have had the opportunity to offer a few times and this has its small effect, especially if you accompany it with a half bottle of champagne for a perfect association.

Who ? : someone who loves good products and who relies on quality rather quantity.
Price: prices vary greatly depending on the quality chosen but you can find small boxes around 60 € for the entry level, such as the Alverta Royal Petrossian at 54 € the 30g. Count 40 € for a half bottle of Ruinart Blanc de Blancs.
Learn more: Order your caviar on the Petrossian eboutique.

7 – Lunch at a Michelin-starred restaurant

Une salle qui vous transporte dans une autre époque

A lunch at the Meurice, 3 Michelin-star, it’s sounds good !

A lunch in a gourmet restaurant is the perfect gift to spend some time with the person you want. Prefer lunches that offer much cheaper menus than dinners, which will make the experience accessible. I had the pleasure of being invited by my darling for our anniversary, he chose to have lunch at the Meurice in Paris (read the article dedicated to this experience here) and the prices of lunch menus are about three times cheaper than dinner. Consider consulting the Michelin guide for your choice.

Who ? : Gastronomy lovers.
Price: It really depends on the location of the restaurant as well as the number of stars. About 50 € for a lunch in a one star restaurant in the province.

8 – A jewelry from Tiffany and Co


American house created in 1837, Tiffany & Co is the ideal place to shop! While the more wealthy will turn to luxury jewelries (we can find in its catalog rings around 1.5 M €), we can also find very beautiful jewelries at more affordable prices such as the heart tag bracelet which is a great classic from Tiffany.

Who ? : your wife, your mother, your sister, … what a woman would not be happy with a gift like this!
Price: 170 € for the heart bracelet
Learn more: Find this jewel on Tiffany and Co online store.

9 – An evening in a luxury cinema

Comment ne pas aimer le cinéma ??!!

Think of unusual experiences that you can find while traveling. I think for example of this luxury cinema in Bangkok where you can watch your film in first class armchairs which allows you to sit very comfortably, with unlimited drinks and snacks… all for 20 € per person , favourable impression for a tight budget.

Who ? : The person who travels with you
Price: 40 € for two

10 – A flight in Business Class

La nouvelle Business Class lancée en mars 2015

The new Business Class of Aer Lingus

The auction system as I was able to benefit during my flight in business class with Aer Lingus as well as the multiple promotions of the airlines allows you to travel in this category at affordable costs. Long haul flights can be exhausting and benefiting from a business class seat is a very appreciable luxury!

Who ? : The person who travels with you
Price: about 2000 € return for a good promotion

I hope my little list has given you some ideas 🙂

So what are you going to buy for your loved ones or what gift would you like to have at the foot of the christmas tree? Feel free to send me your comments or questions by posting them on social media.
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