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Welcome to Luxury Experiences ! Bring visibility to your brand destination by collaborating with this blog !

Why this travel blog ?

Since I am passionate about traveling and high-end experiences, I started to travel extensively from 2009, halfway during the year. After 7 years of trips in France and throughout the world, I wanted to share my experiences and to enable my family, friends and, more generally, internet users to discover more about my travels : whether it is in the middle of Japan or in large cities such as Paris, Luxury Experiences has become a collection of excellent places to eat, sleep, go shopping or entertainment.

A few blog articles

The main themes discussed are :

– Reviews of high-end hotels in France and throughout the world
- Reviews of cuisine : restaurants, tea time and bars.
- Reviews of spas
- Reviews on air travel
- Lifestyle reviews : luxury car rental, travel products, out of the ordinary and events, …

How can this collaboration benefit you ?

Collaborating with a blogger is today a real value added experience. Future travelers are increasing in number and they prepare for their travels on the internet to become inspired or even confirm their choices in terms of destination or even quality of accommodation, for example.

Thanks to my articles, I bring an authentic point of view on an experience in order to promote a place or favorite activity that I would recommend to my own friends. If you would like to bring visibility to your hotel, restaurant or destination, thanks to this collaboration, you can increase your visibility with a readership who love high-end trips and are always on the look-out for new and great places.

In addition, an English version will soon be published in mid-2017, which will considerably boost the audience and visibility of the website.

How can we collaborate together ?

Since each collaboration is different, together we will discuss your expectations in order to design a partnership agreement.

In the middle of April 2017, I will begin a nomadic life throughout the world. I have a departure date but no return date, nor do I have a set program as it will be guided by my wishes. I will therefore be on the lookout for new experiences life emotions as I travel the world. If you believe that your brand can respond to this, don’t hesitate to contact me via email at the following address : florence (@)

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The blog is also present on social networks ! All the articles are published on Facebook and Twitter, the most beautiful photos are shared on Instagram and are visible on Snapchat and InstaStories.

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