About Me

Sleeping in one of the best hotels in the world in The Ashford Castle was one of my best moments in 2016 !


Follow my adventures around the globe! Fan of authentic and exclusive experiences, I propose to discover the places and activities essential for smart travelers. You too, make the trip of your dreams!



Who am I ?

My name is Florence, I’m a thirty, French and I travel regularly for 7 years now ! For my first big trip in June 2009, I went on the beautiful island of Bali. A change of scenery, a lot of discoveries and a revelation: I want to discover the world !

For 15 years now, I am pleased to share my life with a man who is also my companion. Together we have been walking around on different continents in very different conditions of travel : from raid in the Moroccan desert in a bivouac to European capitals and more high-end experiences.



2017: The change !

At the end of the year 2016, we made the decision to become nomads (as I explain in detail in this article). We will from April 2017, travel the world according to our desires.

The end of the apartment and tidy life, to us the great adventure but always by reconciling nomadism and luxury experiences!





In 2015 was born luxury Experiences: a blog that looks like me and who transcribes travel and the emotions that I feel as I saw them. What I like above all is discover new horizons, new cultures, but it’s also an opportunity to perform experiments out of the ordinary!

I don’t think it’s incompatible to reconcile luxury and adventure, beautiful establishments and local discovery of a country, shortly it’s my vision of the journey that marries luxury and authenticity! I am delighted to share with you these wonderful moments and to give you all my advice and precious addresses to prepare your travels.




Forbes Contributor

J’ai aussi de nombreuses collaborations qui ont vu le jour comme celle avec le célèbre site Forbes. Je suis donc dès aujourd’hui contributrice dans la section Luxe (pour voir mes articles c’est par ici !). De la même manière que sur le blog, je parle des voyages de luxe que j’ai eu l’occasion de réaliser, des établissements haut de gamme dans lesquels j’ai séjourné et des destinations tendances.




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